Antenatal Care

Congratulations on the diagnosis of your pregnancy! Mildura O&G provides high quality personalised antenatal care for our patients.

Our clinic was the first in Sunraysia to introduce the option of shared care with a midwife during your pregnancy. Our experienced and highly skilled midwives, Sally and Emma, work together with our doctors to provide a team approach to your pregnancy to fully address all issues in your antenatal care and preparation for parenthood.

The first antenatal visit is usually arranged around 8-10 weeks gestation. You will meet with your midwife and your doctor at this appointment, to perform a detailed assessment about you and your pregnancy. At this visit an ultrasound will usually be performed to confirm an ongoing pregnancy and accurate dates. Antenatal blood tests will then be arranged.

When all is progressing well in the pregnancy, many of your ongoing appointments will be with the midwife. As the pregnancy progresses, you will also be seen by your doctor at key points in the pregnancy. Patients with a high-risk pregnancy or where complications arise will be seen by your doctor more often during your pregnancy care.

We believe this team approach provides the best option for individualised and women-centred care, with appropriated medical back-up available if required.


  • "As a first time mum I was very anxious-She made me feel relaxed and welcome and gave helpful advice without being overwhelming"
  • "I definitely recommend your clinic as it provides high quality midwifery care with great obstetric back up"
  • "Lovely, intelligent midwives, making my visits comfortable and informative. She has a very positive attitude. I never felt rushed during any visit"
  • "The midwives made me feel comfortable and relaxed. I felt they were as excited about my pregnancy as I was"
  • (source: Mildura O&G patient survey)